All regular and annual meetings are open, and homeowners are welcome to attend. If observing only, you do not need to notify anyone ahead of time. However, if you wish to address the Board about a specific topic, then you must submit your request in writing, to Beal Properties, no less than 48 hours before the scheduled meeting. If the Management Company can not sufficiently answer or address your concern, they will add you to the agenda for the next Board meeting. 

Homeowners will be allowed 5 minutes to present their issue, suggestion, or concern. The Board may ask questions, if necessary. A response may not be given immediately, as the Board may need time to consider or gather more information. If not responded to immediately, then you will receive a written response from the Management Company, within 10 business days. 

It is always best to make your request, suggestion or complaint to Beal Properties first, as they may be able to give you an answer without it being necessary to address the Board directly.