When a home is purchased in Creek Meadows, it is automatically subject to documents filed of record in Brazos County, Texas. All property owners in Creek Meadows are members of the HOA as membership is mandatory.

The HOA establishes community rules, regulations and building standards. It is also responsible for enforcing these rules and regulations. The purpose of these rules is to enhance the quality of life for all of Creek Meadows residents and to protect property values and investments. Some examples of the community rules: “all lawns must be kept neat and mowed; houses must be kept in good repair; no inoperable vehicle can be parked in the street”. Some examples of the building rules: “all fences must be constructed of standard grade 1×6″ cedar privacy fences that is 6 feet in height; all garbage cans, above-ground storage tanks, mechanical equipment, woodpiles, and yard equipment must be concealed from view;  all front and side yards must be irrigated with automatic sprinkle systems”. It is important to remember most alterations to the exterior of houses are not allowed without written approval by the HOA. For a complete list of all the rules and regulations and how the HOA works, please read the Declarations of Covenants filed on record. You may obtain a copy from your home builder or from our document repository. If you have any questions, please contact Beal Properties (previously Brazos Valley Property Management).

Creek Meadows is more than a place to live; we want to make it a way of life. Our dedicated HOA coordinator constantly strives to help us create fun activities and social events in order to bring the community closer together. If you choose to live in Creek Meadows to raise a family, we strongly encourage you to be active in the HOA. Enjoy all the pool facilities, lakes, and playgrounds, but more importantly, come to the events and socials, volunteer to be a leader and meet others in your neighborhood.